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Anna’s artwork hangs in my hallway and is an absolute showstopper. I am yet to have a guest who doesn’t stop to admire the work. Some people see flowers, others see birds or butterflies.

When I look at it I get goosebumps, like when I listen to beautiful music or hear an amazing story. I’d like to add that I have an autistic child who is absolutely enchanted by the painting. It seems to have a very calming effect on her. It has been a pleasure seeing the enjoyment she gets from it.

- Molly

'I love Anna's leggings! I had been a fan of her paintings for a while so I was over the moon when she started making leggings. I'm a yoga teacher and wear them all the time - they are great quality, high-waisted and very durable (I've had them over a year now!) Highly recommended!

- Christine Jaureguiberry, Yoga Teacher

When I visited your art display and saw the oil painting of what looked like a tiny dragon, I knew I had to have it. However I couldn’t find the right place to put it in my home.... until a few months later when we got a new dog. I realised that you had channelled the essence of Eliza, our chihuahua and it was reflected in the painting. The artwork is now displayed in my Therapy Room and feels like it is emanating dragon energy. You are amazingly intuitive. Thank you Anna.


- Carole


I am delighted with my new intuitive oils printed canvas bag that I got from Anna Dyson yesterday on her stall at Kingston’s Yogific Yoga and Vegan Fair. It’s such a beautifully decorated gift to carry my treasures and essentials around in. Anna’s work is very cosmic and deeply intuitive I find which is why it has such great appeal. You kind of fall into her paintings and yesterday I even saw unicorn Energy in a pair of her fabulous leggings. I can highly recommend her artwork and customised gifts, she’s got great ties for men and beautiful personalised message cards, pillows and cushions, there’s something for everyone, do check her out on her webpage if not in person on the many regular stalls she has, all her stock is mesmerising, well done Anna and thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.


- Zoe Owl

I have two of Anna's oils and absolutely love the colours and textures. I was really drawn to them and my friends love them too. Everyone seems to see something new and different in them and my friends and family have been very complimentary. I would highly recommend Anna and her work.

- Fran Chris


'I like Anna's artworks. They are brilliant.

- Zeynep Sertkaya

Sues Painting on stall.jpg

When I saw Anna's beautiful paintings I knew they would be perfect to create a memorial for mum, using some of her ashes. Anna was kind, gentle and through her own interpretation created a wonderful painting that I will treasure forever.

- Becky


I commissioned Anna to do a painting for my parents after my mum passed. She tuned into my parents and created a very special painting with my mum’s favourite colours. This painting brings me solace every time that I look at it.


Anna also created a painting for my beloved cats Yasmin and Angel just by tuning into them (in the end I decided that I’d like to scatter the ashes instead of them being incorporated into the painting). I can see lots of animals in this painting including dolphins, which I love. I see this as my cats letting me know that they are happy and free now and will be reminded of my babies every time I look at it.

Thank you for the amazing work you do.

- Moira

I experienced a "walk through Anna's Virtual Gallery" in Anna's Summer Garden Experience, which showed an array of Anna's pictures perfectly, a real personal shopping experience within the elegance of a secret garden of art.


The textures of her paintings are magnificent leading the heart and mind to dream off.Anna's paintings are so poetic they tell so many stories. Such a special artist and person. Anna comes alive amongst her paintings.


I have suffered with depression throughout my life and the pictures give me some degrees of peace and tranquil thoughts. I have hung Anna's pictures along side one another in my lounge, on the side of the wall of where my fish tank is. I often find myself staring between the paintings and my fish tank. I often see myself drifting off.

In addition, I have spotlights that I often turnaround the room giving birth to a whole new vision.


Anna's paintings are mood defining.

I loved the whole personal shopping experience.

- James

Commission Zoe 2018.jpg

I am absolutely delighted with my intuitive oils painting. It contains so many creatures, symbols, light and elemental beings that I almost discover new ones every time I gaze into the swirls and swishes of magnificent colour that has me captivated!


It was a commission piece so Anna tuned into my personal energy field and aura before she set to create on canvas. So much came through because I could see positive images jumping out at me, just like they have in previous products I have purchased from Anna including a wolf and owl on my pillow and other such totems on my canvas bag. The colours and shapes that emerge are very clear when you look closely and looked at from a distance Anna’s paintings are very striking in colour and style.


It’s been so wonderful to witness Anna develop in her art work and ever increasing range of useful products she’s always creating and I look forward to much more in store from this amazing intuitive artist!

- Zoe

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