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How Ashes To Art Was Born

​Ashes to Art' was launched on 29th June 2019 at the Mortlake Crematorium Full Circle Festival. 

Here, the lovely Rebecca from Daisy Chain Celebrant Services tells the story of how ashes to art was born…


​'As an independent Funeral celebrant, my thoughts are never far away from all things ‘death and dying’… not in a morbid way, rather in a way of how can this difficult process be made any smoother for the bereaved, how can I encourage people to talk about it, understand the process and know their choices. One aspect that is not often thought about is what to do with the ashes of loved one after a Cremation. You are presented with a box of ashes that does not represent your love or your grief. I know that now there are many options for ashes, from putting them in jewellery or a firework, or to scatter them somewhere special, or even to sending them into space.

I had met Anna a few times through local networking group and been to one of her exhibitions and so knew her artwork - the thick layers of paint and the free spirit in which she paints allows people to interpret each unique painting how they wish to. I suggested to Anna to use Cremated Ashes within her art… to which, as you can imagine, she was a little sceptical! A few weeks later I handed her a small bag with some of my own mum’s ashes in. I said ’take care of my mum, Sue, and use them to see what you think. Oh, and she was quite a blue & green kind of person!’. 

Some weeks later, Anna messaged to say she had started a painting, she had got used to the idea and found a sense of calm about it. And so, Ashes to Art was born. 

I now own a beautiful unique painting knowing my mum is part of it - it’s something tangible, to look at and reflect.'

Rebecca Lee-Wale 

Daisy Chain Celebrant Services UK 


 For more information or enquiries about Ashes to Art contact me via my contact page 

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